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Having goals is not enough. One has to keep getting closer to those goals, amidst all the inevitable twists and turns of life. Hope allows people to approach problems with a mindset and strategy-set suitable to success, thereby increasing the chances they will actually accomplish their goals.

I think one of the things that people are afraid of is when they come to the decision that they have to go see a therapist, they’re not understanding that they already made a good decision and that they’ve put their foot on the right path. When a client walks through my door, I know they have hope. I immediately think, “if you are here it means you already believe you can make a change.” That truly is the first step.

It is a mindset and a mind shift. Hope is the key to the mind shift and your ability to make necessary changes. If you’re stuck in a negative mindset and thinking “Well, I’ll never change.” Guess what? At that moment you are right, however, if you make the effort to go to a therapist or seek help, you do believe you can change. 

Over the years, the premise of “hope” has received a bad rap as it mostly conveys an image of a carefree person not facing anything and walking through life blissfully unaware. Both science and psychology have proven the significant force of having hope is one of the strongest elements in life.

In 1991, Charles R. Synder came up with “Hope Theory.” In his research, hope is defined as the perceived ability to produce pathways to achieve desired goals and to motivate oneself to use those pathways. 

So if you’re walking through the door, you have hope and you have made a good decision. Congratulations!