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With the chaotic world of healthcare, which includes mental health, and the stress brought on by everyday life, having a life advocate can be beneficial. In the past, the family doctor would be the lead person taking care of your medical questions, prescriptions and overall healthcare related needs. Not so much anymore.

I have seen clients come to me for therapy who were diagnosed with needing “dual diagnosed” therapy who haven’t even been seen by a licensed doctor. Our medical and social systems are overloaded and processes are not being made to fit the person. The person is now made to fit into the process without clear discovery of the person’s issue.

Fitting people into processes is not only happening in the medical field, but also in social work areas, family courts, and even municipal related activities. If you don’t know what to do in a situation, you will get caught up in the “process.” Life advocates are trained to support you in critical areas and to make sure you don’t get caught up in the processes.

I had a client who came into my office once and was caught up in a situation and about to lose her apartment. With her, I took the time to listen to her situation and see what was going on in her life. Life advocates are all about the person and the environment. So what in the environment is impacting the situation?

Life advocates have experience in almost every area of social work and human services. So when an advocate is going up against counties, against schools, or up against a medical doctor, a good life advocate knows something about how to get inside and make things change.

If you are struggling with life issues and need to get some help, reach out to me. I will gladly do a consultation call and if I can’t help you, I will find you someone who can.